Our local projects

Our Local Projects

To achieve positive and direct impact in people’s everyday lives the Foundation supports local projects in countries where H&M operates. Together with organisations with specific local knowledge we work to address the issues of Education, Clean Water or Equality. These projects can address the issues from a different angle and the approach may differ from country to country in order to meet local contexts.  


Together with WaterAid we are improving access to safe water and sanitation for poor communities in Bangladesh.  

Together with UNICEF we are working to get children in the age of 4-18 years into school, and to prevent them from dropping out.


Together with Plan International (Sweden) we are working to improve access to water and sanitation for children and their families in the Ratanakiri province.


Together with CARE we are working to empower women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.

Together with Reach for Change we are empowering women and children in Ethiopia by investing in local social entrepreneurs.


Together with FRANK Water we are working to provide vitally needed safe water for rural communities in Andhra Pradesh, India.


Together with Save the Children we are working to improve the quality of education for around 2,850 children. The CERIA project runs for a three year period and started August 2014.


Together with UNICEF we working for better education and a better future for children in Myanmar.


Together with Save the Children we are working to improve access to education for vulnerable children in Romania.


Together with Mentor Sweden we are working to give young people the power to grow through mentoring programs.


Together with Children’s Health Fund and the Earth Institute we are working to get children in low income communities healthy and ready to learn.

Our global partners

Investing in children's early education and development - for the best start in life!

Investing in clean water and sanitation in schools – to offer children a better future!

Investing in women’s economic empowerment – a catalyst for positive change!

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