H&M does not accept Angora rabbit hair

H&M has decided to permanently end production of angora products. The stop is effective immediately.

We have been in close dialogue with PETA for several years and as a responsible company we have decided to permanently cease the production of angora products.

We have put considerable effort into ensuring that our requirements are being met on our sub-suppliers’ angora farms. On November 27 2013, we stopped all production of angora products. We have since then made additional inspections of the farms from which our suppliers source their angora wool. Since angora farms are located further upstream the supply chain, we can currently not guarantee the compliance with our Product Policy and specific requirements for angora husbandry. We have therefore decided to cease production of angora products.

Some products made from angora may still be available for sale in our stores due to long-term production. From a sustainability perspective, we believe it is better that already produced garments are used than thrown away.

Sustainability Reports

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