Water is essential for society and access to clean water is increasingly identi­fied as one of the most important issues at a global level. Growing cotton, dyeing fabrics, creating washed-out looks and not least washing our clothes at home all have an impact on water resources.

Operating in a water-intense industry, we have a keen interest and responsibility to not only reduce water impacts across our value chain, but also to help the communities along our value chain to ensure that clean water is available to everyone. What’s most important is what we, together with our peers, do to ensure that water is used responsibly throughout the value chain. In line with our commitment to use natural resources responsibly, we have teamed up with a number of organisations such as the WWF, Solidaridad and the Swedish Textile Water Initiative to set new standards in the fashion industry.

After working closely together with H&M for the past three years, we know they are committed to being good stewards of shared resources, and eager to contribute to shifting the industry towards more sustainable models".

Mariann Eriksson, Marketing Director at WWF.

Partnership with WWF

To further extend our work with water, in 2013, H&M partnered with WWF and together we developed a holistic strategy for water stewardship targeting four key themes: improving the use of water, building water awareness, collective action, and measuring water impact and risk. This collaboration ran over three years and was the first of its kind in the fashion industry and worked to engage suppliers, buyers, as well as decision makers. In March 2016, we partnered with the WWF again, in a five years partnership. The focus is still on water stewardship, but also including climate action and a strategic dialogue related to H&M and the textile industry’s broader sustainability challenges.

Conscious Actions

Get the full overview of our Conscious Actions, Chemicals Management, Water Stewardship strategy etc.

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