Paper use

We use a lot of paper at H&M, ranging from transport cartons, hang tags and gift boxes to office paper, receipt rolls, the H&M magazine and our mail order catalogue. We have a policy that paper made from fibre that originates from a country with tropical rainforest must be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

100% of the paper used for our mail order catalogues is EU Flower eco-labelled.

Our ambition is to increase our use of FSC-certified paper globally, regardless of the origin. For example, all of our receipt rolls are made of FSC-certified paper. FSC is a leading international forest certification association, guaranteeing that the paper comes from a sustainable source. In 2010, we developed guidelines for the procurement of paper and paper products in order to help buyers at H&M make sustainable choices. The guidelines encourage the use of recycled fibre or fibre from certified sustainable sources and more environmentally conscious bleaching and printing processes.

Our greatest paper use is in our mail order catalogue. For this we use EU Flower labelled paper and the majority of the fibre comes from certified forests. The printers used for the catalogue are certified to ISO14001. All of our mail order packaging boxes are made of cardboard with at least 60 percent recycled content. All of our head office printers are set to double-sided printing as the default setting.

Conscious Actions

Get the full overview of our Conscious Actions, Chemicals Management Water Stewardship strategy etc.

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