Stakeholder engagement

Joint forces for solutions

We want to ensure that people can enjoy fashion today, and for generations to come. To accomplish this we need to change how fashion is currently made and used. This will require significant innovation, commitment and action from stakeholders across the fashion industry. That's why a constant and open dialogue with our stakeholders is so important to us.

As leaders, we want to push boundaries and break new ground. Our role is to bring people and partners together to identify opportunities for new kinds of collaboration. On top of this, we aim to proactively seek out and share the innovative ideas and solutions that will move our industry forward.

Throughout the year, we hold regular dialogues with our different stakeholders.* We do this on a day-to-day basis, through regular roundtables on a global and local level, focused stakeholder reviews and strategy consultations, dedicated surveys, media analyses and participation in several multi-stakeholder initiatives, as part of our strategic business intelligence, and through our wage advisory board.

But more than that, we seek to join forces with our stakeholders such as our peers, suppliers, NGOs and many others in order to tackle some of the major challenges in our industry – challenges that affect everyone along our value chain and that no company can solve on its own.

Such collaboration can also help to increase the level of influence we have and promote systemic change. To this end, we are involved in a number of local and global industry collaborations, partnerships and multi-stakeholder initiatives, such as the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), the Fair Wage Network (FWN), Better Work and the Roadmap to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, to mention just a few.


* Including customers, colleagues, communities, suppliers and their employees, industry peers, NGOs, IGOs, policymakers and investors.


Stakeholder engagement overview

Management & Governance

We work to make sustainability a natural and fully integrated part of everything we do.

Stakeholder Voices

Read what some our stakeholders say about us.

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