CEO message

Letter from CEO

We believe sustainable fashion and design should be available to everyone, not only to a privileged few. Since my grandfather founded the company 70 years ago we have had a long-term perspective.

To secure future business it is essential and natural for us to address sustainability proactively. We are dedicated to continue making great fashion and design affordable, by having a circular approach and being a fair and equal company. Thanks to our size and to our committed colleagues, H&M group is fit to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion future. However, this is not a task that we can manage on our own; collaboration, new-ways of working and joint industry goals are key for accelerating the changes and results needed. Our continued commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and our ongoing collaborative work with stakeholders, including local and global experts and NGOs, are a few examples of how we work to achieve positive change through shared responsibility.

This report presents the H&M group’s achievements and progress within the sustainability field over the past year. There are still challenges ahead, but I am proud of what we have achieved so far and the positive impact we are making.


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