Water conscious denim

Water conscious denim saves 450 million litres of water

Rinse-washing denim garments to achieve a desired finish is a waterintensive process. We are working with our suppliers to apply better techniques, reducing this water use.

Initial trials in 2009 showed that process optimisation can deliver water savings of up to 30 percent. In 2010 we produced denim following this approach on a greater scale and achieved water savings of approximately 50 million litres relative to previous production methods. We set a target of achieving a reduction of 100 million litres in 2011. By introducing these techniques on a broader scale we achieved a reduction of 300 million litres instead. In 2012 alone, this reduced water usage by estimated 450 million litres compared to conventional production processes.

Case Studies

Water Strategy

We have a extensive water strategy. And together with WWF we are aiming to become the leading water steward in the fahion industry.

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