Use natural resources responsibly - our Conscious Actions

Our planet is facing scarcity issues on many fronts. According to the UN , the world will need 50% more food, 45% more energy and 30% more water by 2030.  

In the textile industry, water plays a particular critical role  -  from growing cotton to washing our clothes at home. So using resources efficiently makes long-term business sense and will increasingly provide opportuniĀ­ties for competitive advantage. To operate as a sustainable business, we are committed to conserving water, soil, air and species. More than that, we want to help ensure that resources are being shared in a fair way and that we consider the needs of both present and future generations.

Read more here about the conscious actions we are taking to fulfil our commitment to using natural resources responsibly.

Chemicals Management

From ban of PFCs to our engagement in the road to Zero Discharge of Hazardeous Chemicals.

Water Strategy

We have a extensive water strategy. And together with WWF we are aiming to become the leading water steward in the fashion industry.


We are striving to use less paper and become even more FSC certified globally

Requirements for Suppliers

We set high standards both for ourselves and our partners in terms of environmental responsibility.

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