Shopping bags

Shopping bags: recycled!

In 2010 we switched to recycled material for all of our standard plastic consumer bags. They are now made from 50 percent post-consumer and 50 percent pre-consumer recycled polyethylene (PE).

Since 2010 all of our standard consumer bags have been made of recycled materials.

By using recycled PE we reduce the demand for virgin oil and increase the demand for recycled plastic waste, which supports the recycling economy. Producing recycled PE takes only 50 percent of the energy required to produce virgin plastic, and it can also be recycled again. Recycled plastic has the same durability as virgin plastic and the bag can therefore be reused by a consumer many times before it is finally recycled.

Our plastic bags are available in five different sizes, allowing us to give out the best sized bag for the garments sold. We provide packing guidelines to advise our employees in-store which bag to use in order to minimise unnecessary plastic use. We also sell reusable bags made from various textile materials in our stores, which can be used as an alternative to plastic bags.

Conscious Actions

We are reducing, reusing and recycling on many fronts: garments, hangers, packaging, shopping bags and more.

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