For better packaging

We are constantly striving to find better packaging solutions that use fewer resources and cause less waste. This concerns various areas including our product packaging, transport packaging and our online services.

Product packaging

We developed Environmental Guidelines for product packaging in 2010 to help us make more sustainable choices when designing product packaging. The Guidelines cover the entire packaging chain, from raw material selection to production and end-of-life. Some of the main components are:

  • Keeping the amount of material in our packaging to a minimum without compromising its function
  • Using recycled materials
  • Using material from certified sources, such as FSC-certified paper and board
  • Using single materials and avoiding mixing materials, such as laminates or stickers, to improve recyclability
  • Choosing standard packaging shapes to minimise waste in production
  • Designing packaging to optimise space-use making it more efficient to transport
  • Making packaging easy to separate so that it can easily be recycled or reused.

Transport packaging

We have guidelines for the transport packaging that is used to send our garments from production countries to our distribution centres. The guidelines cover both the quality and environmental requirements of the packaging.

For several years we have been successful in minimising the use of single garment packaging when transporting products from producers to our distribution centres. When we send the garments from our distribution centres to our stores, we use transport boxes that are reusable and these are sent back to distribution centres to be used again. With these two actions, we have almost eliminated waste from transport packaging ending up in our stores.

Online order packaging

All of our online order packaging boxes are made of cardboard with at least 60 percent recycled content.

Conscious Actions

We are reducing, reusing and recycling on many fronts: garments, hangers, packaging, shopping bags and more.

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