Product Quality & Safety

Product quality & safety

At H&M, quality means making sure our products meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Attention to quality and safety begins at the design stage and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process.

In order to achieve this, we continuously refine our processes and methods. We have a strict quality assurance process in place that starts as early as possible in the product life cycle. Our challenge is to adapt our high quality standards to new fashions, products and market regulations and for our products to remain affordable. Our responsibility to our customers includes activities and initiatives to ensure customers are safe and satisfied with our products. We focus on:

  • Improving product quality
  • Ensuring product safety
  • Restricting the use of harmful chemicals

We follow the precautionary principle. As a minimum, we comply with all laws and the strictest regulations of our operating markets. This means that the strictest standards of all the countries in which we operate are the ones we apply to all our products, wherever they are sold. Even so, we are continuously looking for ways to make them better and in many cases we apply even stricter standards. Children's products need to meet specific strict safety standards.

Conscious Actions

It’s our promise to bring our customers more sustainable fashion choices.

Quality Assurance

The products in H&M’s collections undergo a number of quality tests, both in our own laboratories and in external laboratories.


REACH is an important piece of legislation requiring that all chemical substances produced in or imported into the EU are registered.

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