Interview with Creative Advisor

Ann-Sofie Johansson,

Creative Advisor

What do conscious customers expect from H&M?

I think our customers expect us to act in a responsible and sustainable way in everything we do. So of course, they want us to continue offering fashion basics and the latest designs, made with respect for the people and planet, still at the best price.

What can your design team do to meet these requirements?

We think a lot about the materials we use. And increasingly, we use materials that are better for the environment. It’s not limited to organic cotton anymore. The range of materials is much broader today and as designers, we have the chance to show what great garments you can make out of them. We also think about how garments can be designed so that as little waste as possible results from their production. We can also use remnants to make new clothes. This is good for the environment and, in turn, helps us to offer our customers the best value for money.

You obviously have green ambitions, but H&M sells millions of garments each year. Is there not a contradiction?

We want to offer our millions of customers a better choice. Our scale means that we can have a big impact on the fashion industry – in our supply chain and beyond.

Fashion should be fun and our customers should be able to rely on us taking our responsibilities seriously. That also includes offering our customers designs that are meant to last longer than just one season.

Conscious Actions

It’s our promise to bring our customers more sustainable fashion choices.

Conscious Materials

From PET bottles to eucalyptus, learn more about our more sustainable materials.

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