Provide fashion for conscious customers - our Conscious Actions

Fashion is a great way to express personality and a source of fun and inspiration. That said, to produce and care for our clothes natural resources are needed. By making conscious choices when designing our collections, we can really reduce these impacts – without ever compromising on style, quality or comfort.

This way we can make it easy and fun for our customers to make conscious fashion choices. It allows us to create added value to our offering – something that our customers are increasingly looking for. But we don’t want to stop there. We also want to inspire everyone around us to wash at lower temperatures and make it easier to recycle and not let fashion go to waste. Conscious fashion, however, is not just about our customers’ choices. We want to make all of our products more sustainable, all along our value chain.

Read more here about the conscious actions we are taking to fulfil our commitment to provide fashion for conscious customers.

Interview with Head of Design - New Business

Conscious Materials

From PET bottles to eucalyptus, learn more about our more sustainable materials.

Product quality & safety

Starting at the design stage and continuing throughout the entire manufacturing process - quality means ensuring our products exceed our customers’ expectations.

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