Advisory Board for Wage in H&M Supply Chain

When forming our strategy towards fair living wages in the textile industry, input from stakeholders with knowledge and experience of the wage issue was important to us.

This is why we formed an Advisory Board for Wages in H&M Supply Chain. The board consists of leading global experts from the International Labour Organization, global employer organisations, trade unions, civil society and suppliers.

Members of the board have contributed with their perspectives on how H&M should tackle this important issue the best way. The Advisory Board will also be important moving forward, when we go from words to action.

Roberto Suarez Santos
Deputy Secretary-General
The International Organisation of Employers

Dan Rees
Program Director
Better Work - a partnership of the International Labour Organization and the International Finance Corporation

Jyrki Raina
General Secretary
IndustriALL Global Union

Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead
Fair Wage Network and Manager of Wages and Incomes Policy at International Labour Organisation

Tamar Hoek
Programme Manager Textiles & Gold

Catherine Chiu
Head of Corporate Quality and Sustainability Department
Crystal Group (H&M Supplier)

Caroline Rees

Wanja Lundby-Wedin
Member of the Fairtrade International Board


Reaching out to stakeholders

Many stakeholders have important perspectives on the wage issue and we wanted them to be part of forming our roadmap.

For this reason, we reached out to different trade unions, NGO's and the Swedish Government to get their valuable buy in. Among the ones we met and had fruitful discussions with are IndustriAll Global Union, Swedish Trade Union IF Metall, Swedwatch, Clean Clothes Campaign, Workers Right´s Consortium, International Labour Rights Forum, Asian Floor Wage and Bengt Johansson, CSR ambassador at Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Conscious Actions


Roadmap towards a fair living wage.

Fair Living Wage

Our vision is that all our commercial goods suppliers should pay their employees a fair living wage that covers the workers basic needs.

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