Promoting greener transport

The size and geographical spread of our business requires different means of transport in various parts of the world. Our challenge is that, as our business grows, our transportation needs will increase further and we need to meet these needs with limited use of natural resources and as few emissions as possible.

Transporting with less impact on the environment involves working with environmentally sound transport companies switching to rail or sea transport where possible and increasing our transport efficiency.

Collaborating with transport providers

As we don’t own any transport facilities, influencing our transport partners to improve their environmental performance is an important part of our work. For many years we placed our own environmental requirements on transport service providers. However, we believe that environmental requirements that are adopted by a wider group of stakeholders have a better chance of achieving a positive impact. We are therefore actively involved in collaborations to develop and promote common standards in transport industries.


SmartWay is a programme run by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that offers evaluation and certification of the environmental performance of road carriers. All SmartWay Partners are recognised for their commitment to reducing emissions in their fleets.


Working in collaboration with members of the European Retail Round Table (ERRT) we have developed a tool for evaluating European road freight carriers’ environmental performance. The tool is named WayAhead and we have been using it since 2010 to communicate our minimum requirements of transport service providers and to evaluate their environmental performance.

Our minimum requirements of transport providers in Europe include:

  • At least 70 percent of road freight carriers’ drivers must have received training in fuel-efficient driving
  • Trucks carrying H&M goods must not be more than 10 years old
  • All nominated and potential road freight service providers must have a CO2 reduction target that is accompanied by an action and follow-up plan.

Clean Shipping Project

The Clean Shipping Project aims to improve the environmental performance of the shipping industry. We have been part of the Clean Shipping Network for a number of years and continue to work on developing the Clean Shipping Index and promoting its use amongst our carriers.

The Clean Shipping Index monitors the environmental performance of maritime transport service providers worldwide. Service providers enter vessel-specific data into a database, which creates a score that transport buyers can use when purchasing transport services. Originally limited to Sweden, the Index was launched Europe-wide in 2010.

The Clean Shipping Project was awarded ‘Green Initiative of the Year’ at the Sustainable Shipping Awards held in London in 2010.

Conscious Actions

Reducing CO2 emissions and electricity use to increasing our use of renewable energy. Get the full overview of our efforts to become more climate smart.  

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