How we are organised

Our Head of Sustainability, Anna Gedda, reports directly to our CEO and holds the responsibility for the implementation of our sustainability strategy together with the executive management team. We have a total of around 200 colleagues who work with sustainability as a core task.

We have around 200 colleagues who work with sustainability as a core task.


Significant sustainability issues influencing and conflicting with the interests of more than one department are discussed in a decision making forum called the Green Room with the involvement and presence of our CEO.

Head of Sustainability

Our Head of Sustainability, Anna Gedda, is part of the executive management team and reports directly to our CEO. She holds the responsibility for the implementation of our sustainability together with the top management team. In total we have around 200 colleagues working with sustainability as their core task.

Central sustainability department

Our sustainability department at our head office in Stockholm consists of more than 20 people. The team is working with four focus areas: social, environmental, relations and anti-corruption matters. The main responsibilities include setting goals and targets for our organisation, monitor compliance and measure and report results. The department is also supporting all functions and departments with the implementation of prioritised and relevant standards and Conscious Actions.

Other senior executive functions

All functions and departments have specific sustainability goals and targets. Their performance is measured and follows the same procedures as for any other goal.

Local sustainability functions

About 130 people from our sustainability teams operate from 21 locally based production offices around the world. They work directly with our suppliers to support them in complying with our Sustainability Commitment (previously the Code of Conduct) and help to make our supply chain more sustainable.

We have around 50 local "Conscious Coordinators" who is supporting the implementation of our global sustainability across all of our sales markets.

Bi-annual performance reporting

Twice a year, our CEO, CFO and Head of Sustainability review progress and results of our sustainability performance. Also, our Head of Sustainability reports performance against key sustainability indicators to our Board of Directors bi-annually.

H&M Conscious

Stakeholder Engagement

 A constant and open dialogue with our stakeholders is important to us

Stakeholder Voices

Memberships & Collaborations

Various organisations and iniatives help us to facilitate collaboration, learn and enhance the credibility of our sustainability work.

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